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School kits for 2 primary school children in Mali
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4 months of schooling for a Cambodian street child
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The entire vocational training of a girl in India

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Today, 61 million children are still out of school.

760 million adults still don’t know how to read nor write.

And yet, education is vital to people’s development and the key to a bright future.

Aide et Action is leading more than 80 projects to support those excluded from education worldwide.

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Aide et Action: 35 years of experience, a global impact

Aide et Action is an international development NGO working in the field of education. For the last 35 years, we have been bringing quality education to people across the globe to ensure that everyone can build the future he or she wants.

In our projects we work with impoverished and marginalised populations to give them access to classrooms, provide them with learning materials, make sure that local teachers are adequately trained and sensitise parents to the importance of having their children educated. We also promote girls’ education and inclusive education for street and disabled children.

Giving people the tools of their own emancipation

We can rely upon decades of UNESCO-recognised experience and expertise to design and implement tailored, ambitious projects that bring lasting change to the concrete life of communities. Our motto – « Don’t make do, do with » – encapsulates our commitment to involving local actors and communities at every step, from early reflection meetings to design and implementation.

Let us never forget that Education is a fundamental right for everyone. There are still millions of children, youth and adults today who remain excluded from it. Thanks to your support, we give these people access to education and with it, the keys to a free life.

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